SiteGround for WordPress Easy Sign-up and Install: 8 Steps

SiteGround for WordPress
SiteGround for WordPress

SiteGround for WordPress is relied upon by people who want to use a web builder which is associated with the web host service. It is stand-alone and in clear view on the homepage.

The instructions are easy to follow and are step-by-step to provide clear details. In no time, you’ll be on your way to building your very own website.

Step 1: Choose the ‘WordPress’ Option

Hover your mouse-pointer over ‘Hosting’ on the navigation menu and four options will appear. Click ‘WordPress Hosting’. Simply click the ‘WordPress Hosting’ option which is located on a lower area of the homepage. This is different compared to the other hosting options such Web hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, and Cloud Hosting; so be sure to choose carefully.

Step 2: Choose a Hosting Plan

StartUp – For beginning users. This plan is suitable for people who just want basic options. The essentials are required to experience service which is fully functioning, and will guarantee that any issues will be resolved on time.

GrowBig – For intermediate users. A plan which has more than the limited features, and has just enough to give you additional features. Especially so you won’t have to get them later if you decide that you want to change your plan.

GoGeek – For techie users. Everything is included in this plan to get the complete list of features. Responses from the technical department and priority is high when it comes to troubleshooting. Just think of being ahead of the line when in need of help.

Essential WordPress Features –  Every website/blog needs at least the basics which are usually included to start with.

Premium WordPress Features – An add-on to gain more access.

Geeky WordPress Features – Considered to be advanced and provides users with the most out of the service.

Step 3: Choose a Domain Name

Of course a name which is available should be chosen. Otherwise, you will be notified that it is already taken.

Step 4: Enter Your Account Information

Your details will be your identity as a user of the service. Choose an account name which you’ll remember and a password which won’t be easy to figure out by would-be intruders such as hackers.

Step 5: Enter Your Client Information

This will be your identity as a customer.

Step 6: Enter your Payment Information

There is only one method of payment and only three major credit cards are accepted. So make sure you have one of them before proceeding as SiteGround currently doesn’t have any alternatives.

Step 7: Verify Your Purchase Information

On the drop-down list, ‘Startup’ is the first displayed by default. When you were previously in the section, of course you had chosen a plan. But now, you have the chance to make a change should you find that you want to order another plan instead.

If you want to try a plan for a short period of time, a trial version is available. However, when it ends, and if you want to continue, the full price of it will have to be paid.

Step 8: Choose the Extra Services

When you choose SiteGround for WordPress, you’re not only receiving managed hosting, but also an add-on platform to start your online business.