HostGator for WordPress Easy Sign-up and Install: 10 Steps

HostGator for WordPress
HostGator for WordPress

HostGator for WordPress is constantly receiving attention regarding their hosting service combined with a web builder to get users started.

The instructions are easy to follow and are step-by-step to provide clear details. In no time, you’ll be on your way to building your very own website.

Step 1: Choose a Category

On the navigation menu at the top of the homepage, click ‘WordPress Hosting’.

Step 2: Choose a Plan


Starter – The basics for those who are want to run their website using the service for the very first time. Great to get used to and find the way around it’s features. Essential for those who want to start small.

Standard – If a user desires a little more to work with, the standard plan provides what is needed to build two separate platforms. Twice the space and twice the amount of website visitors per month.

Business – For users who want the most to sell products or/and to provide their own professional service(s).

Step 3: Create a Domain

The first year of domain registration is free, but only if you pay for the year rather than per month. That means a renewal fee won’t go into effect until the due date which would be on the same day you’ve signed up within the next year.


Step 4: Choose the Number of Sites to Manage

The choices on the drop-down list give you a chance to change your plan. It’s all a matter of how many sites you think you can handle, or you could stick with your first choice of one site on the ‘Starter’ plan.


Step 5: Choose a Billing Cycle

The drop-down list starts with a cycle which is semi-annual (six months). It has the lowest cost to when it comes to the total at the end of the entire process. But of course there are longer cycles should you choose one which is guaranteed to be active for 12 months or more.


Step 6: Enter Your Security Pin Number

Choose a number which will be easy for you to remember, but difficult for hackers to figure out. I recommend writing it down and then keeping it in a safe place.


Step 7: Verify Your Billing Info

Either payment method you choose, your information will be associated with your name, address, etc.

Step 8: Choose Your Payment Method

Add your credit card information and, afterward, be sure to double-check (or even triple-check) that you’ve correctly entered all of the required details.


You can use your PayPal account as an alternate payment method. After you checkout, you’ll have to enter your PayPal email address.

Step 9: Select Additional Add-ons


Free SSL Certificate – This ensures your visitors that their connection is secure. A padlock is an indication of a successful connection and it’s legitimately validated.

SiteLock Monitoring – Malware scanning and spam detection.

Site Backup – If worse comes to worse, and your site breaks, having the support of backup allows you to restore everything.

Step 10: Redeem Your Coupon Code

You’re offered a code which adds a discount to the final total of your order. Be sure not to delete it as it’s offered only during a first-time sign-up, and can’t be replaced.


Now you’re ready to get web hosting and access to a web builder!

In addition, HostGator also gives customers the option to build their website with the ‘Gator Builder’. The builder comes with numerous themes depending on what type of site a customer wants to build. HostGator makes it easy using their ‘drag and drop’ feature for those who can’t be bothered with coding.

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