DreamHost for WordPress Easy Sign-up and Install: 7 Steps

DreamHost for WordPress
DreamHost for WordPress

DreamHost for WordPress has been providing their service of separate hosting for individuals who are interested in a platform to make their website visible on the Internet.

The instructions are easy to follow and are step-by-step to provide clear details. In no time, you’ll be on your way to building your very own website.

Step 1: Choose a Category

Hover your mouse-pointer over ‘WordPress’ on the navigation menu and choose ‘Shared ‘WordPress Hosting’.

Step 2: Choose a Plan

Shared (Starter) – Suitable for users who want to start small. It has the basics and could be upgraded by choice later.

Shared (Unlimited) – The choice for users who want features which are included without any limitations.

Step 3: Register a Domain

Choose a domain name which isn’t already in use by any other users.

Step 4: Choose a Term

The ‘Yearly’ term provides a full 12 months of service with a renewal date to day of the initial sign-up during the previous year. The ‘Yearly’ term provides a full 12 months of service with a renewal date to day of the initial sign-up during the previous year.

[The ‘i’ stands for information. Click it during the sign-up process to see the details.]

Free upon the register of an available domain name.

Domain Privacy

No worries about your information, such as an address, being shared.

Pre-Install WordPress

After the sign-up process, WordPress is prepared for installation. No strings attached. Just immediate based on the selected option.

WP Website Builder

Essential for direct access to WordPress to start building a website. It’s fast!

DreamShield Protection

Protection from the intrusion of hackers who could compromise and break your site.

1 Mailbox

A mailbox with an email address for your business is a professional touch.

Step 5: Connect a Payment Method

Add your credit or debit information. Be sure that you’re careful and also pay attention when you you’re typing in such information which is confidential.


Prepare to enter your email address which is connected to your PayPal account after you’ve submitted your order. A dialog box should open and you’ll be prompted to enter your email address and password.

Step 6: Enter Your Account Information

This information will identify you as a user of DreamHost.

Step 7: View Your Additional Options

The options below should be selected based on your plan choice. You have the chance to deselect what you wish should you decide that you don’t want a particular feature.

With DreamHost for WordPress, you’ll receive the hosting you’re searching for as well as a ready-to-install web builder.