BlueHost for WordPress Easy Sign-up and Install: 7 Steps

BlueHost for WordPress/BlueHost for WordPress Easy Sign-up and Install: 7 Steps
BlueHost for WordPress/BlueHost for WordPress Easy Sign-up and Install: 7 Steps

BlueHost for WordPress is a leading choice for websites/blogs combined with a web host and the BlueHost WordPress install as both platforms are related.

To understand the relation is to understand the history of the partnership as well as the benefits when controlling both as the same time.

Step 1: Choose a Category

Hover your mouse-pointer over ‘WordPress’ (located at the top of the homepage) and a drop-down list will appear. Choose ‘WordPress Hosting’.


Since BlueHost has a process made especially for WordPress, it makes sense to choose this option as it provides the pre-installation of the web building platform.

Step 2: Click the ‘Choose Plan’ Button

Out of the three packages, the ‘Choice Plus’ plan is recommended because it contains all of the features needed¬†for those who are establishing their business/brand. You’ll receive enough to work with all while making sure you have the most effective plan.


Step 3: Create a Domain Name

Make sure you create a name which is significant to your business/brand. Although you have the option to do so later, and you’ll still be able to proceed with the sign-up process, BlueHost will provide you with one which is random and would also be your username. Then you’ll have to actually buy the domain of your choice and transfer it. So I would try to create a name during the sign-up process.



If you have an existing name, but it’s currently assigned to another host and you want to switch to BlueHost, you can register it by using the ‘Use a Domain you own’ box. Just make sure that you unassign your domain from the current host which you’re using before you enter it. To do so would be to prevent a conflict and also from showing up as unavailable.

Step 4. Enter Your Account Information

This is where you enter personal details which will then be saved in the BlueHost database. The company guarantees that those details will never be shared with sources which aren’t trusted.


Step 5: Choose an Account Plan

There are a total of three plan types with ‘Prime – 12 Month’ having the lowest cost per month on the drop-down list. But according to which one you choose whether it be ’24 Month’ or ’36 Month’, it will add to the price.

But as a new customer, if you’d rather choose only one year just to decide if you either do or don’t like the service, then ‘Prime – 12 Month’ is a suitable option. Be careful when making a choice as it will dictate the price during the ‘Checkout’ process. Although the ’36 Month’ option is last, the price could be expensive combined with the features which are included.

Step 6: Select the Recommended Features

SiteLock Security – Find: Protects your website/blog from malicious cyber threats and also protects site code as well as web applications.

Bluehost SEO Tools – Start: Helps websites/blogs get listed and gain a high rank in search engine results.

[Both of these features are commonly used and continue to follow through and prove claims of guaranteed satisfaction.]

Step 7: Add Your Payment Information

You have to provide a source of payment for your plan. In the past, the credit card option was the only method. But now PayPal has been added as another option and of course all which is needed is an email address connected to a PayPal account.

[Be sure to check the box to accept the Terms of Service, Cancellation Policy, and the Privacy Policy then hit ‘Submit’.]

And voila, that’s it! BlueHost for WordPress is there when you decide to sign up for web hosting along with a web builder to access the BlueHost WordPress install.